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A woman has been charged by police after allegedly pouring human faeces on a memorial of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Madeleine Budd, 21, was filmed tipping a container of urine and faeces over the statue in Hatton, Derbyshire.

She was arrested after the incident yesterday and has now been charged with criminal damage, Derbyshire Constabulary said.

She is set to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Police launched an investigation after campaign group End UK Private Jets featured the video on its social media pages.

Explaining the protest, Budd said: “People are going to say that he’s a hero, people are going to say that this is profoundly, obscenely disrespectful to his life, and to the NHS he stood up for and I agree.

“I was studying to become a doctor because I believe in taking care of people.

“If we believe that the NHS is important, if we believe in taking care of each other, if we believe that NHS workers are doing essential work, why are forcing our healthcare system into collapse, why are we forcing our civilisation into collapse, why is basically no-one taking this genocide of all humanity seriously?

“All of this is true and the Government won’t even End UK Private Jets. Every time one takes off, it pours a bucket of sh*t and blood onto everything that Captain Tom stood for.”

End UK Private Jets is a group protesting against luxurious and unnecessary carbon emissions, focusing on the use of private jets in the UK.

Derbyshire Constabulary said in a statement: “A 21-year-old woman has been charged after a memorial for Sir Captain Tom Moore was allegedly defaced at Thistley Meadow in Hatton, south Derbyshire.

“Madeleine Budd of Kedleston Avenue, Manchester, was arrested by the Metropolitan Police on our behalf on Sunday 2 October and has now been charged with criminal damage.

“She is set to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court tomorrow (Tuesday 4 October).”