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While most dogs wake their owners up at the first sign of sunlight, this lazy pup is more likely to roll over for another six hours of sleep. An adorable cockapoo has been crowned the nation’s sleepiest dog, with his owner saying it’s because he needs his beauty sleep.

Dog-owning Brits were asked to submit photos of their four-legged friends getting a good old kip, with a panel of judges choosing the pups who looked the cutest or funniest to nab a winner’s medal. The competition was run by Dragonfly Products, a dog food company based in Huddersfield. They received over 250 entries – but one stood out amongst the rest.

Ringo, a three-year-old cockapoo from Manchester, took the top spot for the UK’s sleepiest dog and received the prize of a year’s supply of dog food.

Caroline, Ringo’s mum, described the fluffy pup as “an absolute big sack of idiot” after explaining that is how he likes to sleep after a long day.

Despite his silly tendencies, the owner says she “loves him so much”.

The first runner-up went to 18-month-old miniature Dachshund, Oskar, from London.

His owner Mareen shared how the half-German, half-English pup loves days out in the park and playing with friends, so it’s no surprise that a good sleep is his favourite hobby.

The second runner-up was a 12-year-old border collie from Kent, called Smudge.

His owner Jeanette said he still acts likes he’s four years old and runs like the wind, when he’s not napping, of course.

Other adorable pooches that made it into Dragonfly Products’s top 10 shortlist include Bella, Jasper, Roco, Tessa, Mabel, Rafa, and Winnie.

“Launching this competition was so exciting for the team at Dragonfly Products, and when we started to get flooded with entries, we knew that choosing a winner and two runners-up would be difficult,” said Laura Lambert, owner of Dragonfly Products.

“After careful consideration and hours of contemplation, we finally decided on Ringo as the winner and Oskar and Smudge as the two runners-up.

“All three of these dogs embody the cheeky and characterful personality traits that we loved so much and we think they’re really deserving of their prizes.

“We’re looking forward to working with Ringo’s owner, Caroline, to select the best year’s worth of Gourmet food for her pup.”