Delivering the Best News to you!

Pregnancies are often associated with heartfelt times surrounded by your closest friends and family as you wait anxiously for the arrival of your little one. However, one pregnant woman thought otherwise as she openly admitted to keeping part of her pregnancy a secret from her husband.

Taking to popular video-streaming service TikTok, mum Ibolya Martin explained how she was keeping the announcement of her third child a secret, including from the father himself. She had a reason for keeping quiet about the exciting news though, as she was keen to spill the news to her husband during a photo shoot, which would capture the wholesome moment on film.

The two kids prepared for photographs with a sign, which read: “We’re adding a little more love to our family – 2023.”

Rushing to the comments, however, viewers were torn over the mum’s decision to keep the beginning part of pregnancy a secret from her partner, which sparked a debate.

One person wrote: “Idk how you do it. My husband would know immediately cuz the morning sickness kicks in quick with me.”

“See my husband would be upset I didn’t include him at that 1st appointment!! lol,” a second claimed.

On the other hand, a different user wrote: “Everyone talking bout THEIR husband. Well good thing she knows HER husband & it will a cute surprise.”