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Communication is an important part of every healthy family, and helps to keep everybody united under one roof. A woman has been applauded online for making her parents ‘homeless’ after they secretly got rid of her dog without asking her.

The 27-year-old daughter took to Reddit to rant about her “toxic” mum, who gave away her pooch as she thought it was distracting her from searching for a husband. The woman retrieved her dog and left the family home, then refused to help her parents out financially – which has had a huge affect as she usually pays for 50 percent of “everything”.

Her post said: “So my mum decided that the reason I am not actively looking for a husband is because my dog takes too much of my attention. My pup has some health problems but nothing I can’t afford, and nothing that affects her quality of life.

“So my mum gave her away. While I was at work. I came home and she was gone, along with all her stuff. Her toys her leash. Everything.

“I lost it on my mum. I told her if she didn’t tell me where my dog was I was calling the cops and saying that they had stolen my dog and having her charged. I went to the place where my dog was and got my dog back.”

After returning home, she packed up all her belongings and moved in with a friend, but now her dad has been begging for money to cover bills.

“My dad says that they will be out of money in three months without me. I don’t trust them anymore,” she explained.

“My family thinks I am an a**hole for caring more about my dog than I do about them.”

Her post received 10,000 upvotes and Reddit users praised her decision to leave the family home.

One person said: “They stole from you, rehomed your pet without your permission and then tried to control your life, your love and your finances. They don’t own you. They are not entitled to your life.”

Another agreed: “It’s not even just about the dog. They also completely destroyed your trust. Trust isn’t a switch you can flip on and off. They’ve got a lot of work ahead of them to mend the harm they’ve done. Good on you for getting your dog back.”

Many people were confused why her mother was so concerned with her love life, and agreed it wasn’t her business.

“Is a big important husband going to pay for your entire family to live?” one Redditor asked.