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This incredible trio of kittens – with only two eyes between them – were found in a wretched state but are now living their best lives after finding a loving home. Sisters Molly, Dolly, and Polly were brought into Cats Protection’s Atherton and Wigan Branch when they were just eight weeks old.

After an assessment, it was clear there was significant damage to the kittens’ eyes, believed to be caused by an untreated infection, and surgery was necessary. Molly and Polly both had one eye removed, but Dolly’s condition was so serious, vets had no choice but to remove both her eyes..

Once they were strong enough, they were transferred to Warrington Adoption Centre for rehoming. But staff were not hopeful as it’s rare that someone will take on three cats at once.

Luckily for the trio, Su Taylor, from Hindley, was prepared to take on the challenge.

Su, who was looking to adopt a new cat, said: “I had just lost Horrie, who was 17, and before that I had Bitty for 20 years, and I was devastated. I hated coming home to silence.

“I didn’t really have a particular idea of what sort of cat I wanted except for it being an indoor one as I have a busy road outside.

“I’ve never had a cat with special needs before and I’ll admit I was dubious as I wasn’t sure I’d be able to provide them with what they needed.

“But Lorna Harris at the Warrington Adoption Centre has a blind cat and offered lots of helpful advice on taking care of them.

“I have ended up with three beautiful, loving, mad cats who make me smile every day.”

Su has renamed them all: “Polly is now Blink and, due to some nasal damage, I now live with someone who snuffles and sounds like she has a really bad cold; she definitely can’t sneak up on anyone! I’ve named Molly TLC, after the R&B band’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’, and Dolly became Team – as there’s no I in team!

“Despite having no eyes, Team is absolutely fearless and is living her best life.”

Frustrating as it might be, digging is actually a common and normal dog behaviour. Your dog might be preparing a cool resting spot, looking for interesting scents or burying something.

He won’t understand the importance of a nice lawn or the nice plants you’ve bought.

Telling him off will likely result in him being worried about you when in the garden, and perhaps digging in places or at times when you can’t see him. Stopping him may create frustration and lead to other behaviours that you don’t want. To keep him happy and protect your garden, allow him a digging space somewhere in the garden.

● Choose an area of your garden you’re happy for him to dig in.

● Find a sturdy container such as a heavy-duty plastic box.

● Dig a hole so the top of the container is flush with ground level.

● Fill it with the earth you’ve dug out or use dog-friendly sand.

● Scatter or bury treats in it. If you scrabble in the dig box yourself, you might find he comes to investigate and copies!

The more fun it is for him to dig here, the more he will selectively dig in this spot. If he starts to dig anywhere else, pop over to the dig pit and start hiding his rewards in it so he comes to see what you’re doing. He’ll learn that digging here is more fun.

You can make an indoor or patio digging box using a cardboard box filled with shredded newspaper. Hide his toys and treats in it – he’ll love it.

The cost of living crisis has seen a heartbreaking rise in the number of people forced to give up their cats as they can no longer afford to feed and care for them.

But if you are struggling, there is help available, including financial support for vets’ bills and food.

The experts at Cats Protection have put together a comprehensive guide to steps you can take, and where to find help, from them and other organisations and charities.

Britain’s oldest ever rescue dog has found a new home at the grand old age of 22.

Last month, the Mirror told the story of Ty, a Staffordshire bull terrier Dalmatian cross, who was handed in to the Dogs Trust centre in Bridgend after a heartbreaking change of circumstances at home.

Staff feared his advanced years would put off potential adopters, but a local family spotted the appeal and after meeting Ty, and introducing him to their two other dogs, they couldn’t resist taking him home.

Assistant manager Melissa Cook revealed: “Our gorgeous boy has found his forever home.

Along with his adopters, he is going to live with two other dogs. We wish him all the luck in the world.”